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Eusing Launcher 3.3

Organizes all the desktop icons in the shape of a circle
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Eusing Launcher rearranges the icons on your desktop in an attractive and convenient way, making it simpler and more entertaining to find and launch the right tool. It puts together under a single icon all those programs that can be grouped in a meaningful way – for example, all the programs belonging to the Microsoft Office Suite – and arranges all the resulting icons on an easy-to-navigate circular menu.

Therefore, Eusing Launcher not only gives your desktop a new and attractive appearance, it also adds new functionality to it. It helps you give a new dimension to your desktop, reducing the number of icons without negatively affecting its usability. “Group icons” – for lack of a better name – will show you all the programs they contain as soon as you hoover your mouse over them, allowing you to select the right tool quickly and effectively, without needing to drag your pointer all around your desktop looking for that elusive icon. Thus, the program will create groups for the most common and obvious choices automatically – Website Group, Accessories Group, the above-mentioned Microsoft Office Suite Group, and a System Folders & Drives Group. Besides, it will allow you to edit the existing groups and to create new ones containing the applications of your choice. The launcher can be activated and deactivated quickly and easily using the hotkeys provided, as well as hidden, shown, backed up, and restored when needed.

The result is a clean, neat, and well-organized desktop, with just the right amount of icons you really need.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Icons are nicely arranged in a circle
  • Provides you with a wide range of customization settings


  • New icons mix with existing ones producing visualization errors
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